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  • Fri
    7:30 pmCrestwood Civic Center; 14025 S. Kostner Ave., Crestwood, IL

    Digital Mobile Radio is sweeping the amateur radio landscape.  There is a lot of excitement about this new mode of voice communication.  It is time to find out more about DMR.  Hamfesters will give you the details of what this new open technology mode is all about.

    We will answer the question why DMR is so compelling for hams to use and show us the basics of how DMR operates.  We are sure you will be impressed with the presentation and the capabilities of the DMR mode.



    Several of our Hamfesters Club members have DMR radios and can show their operation to you after the meeting.   DMR has been specifically designed to offer at least the same range as 12.5kHz channel analogue FM so a direct replacement or upgrade from analogue to DMR is a practical proposition.  The technology promises improved range, higher data rates, more efficient use of spectrum, and improved battery life.

Radio help needed. The Annual Helen Keller Walk/Run needs radio coverage for a few hours. Last year Hamfesters did a wonderful job with Jimmy, N9HSH leading the coordination effort. Since Jimmy is no longer here to help, we need you to step up and lend a hand for a few hours. Race information is here.  Contact Cindy, N9CAS to let her know you can help.  We meet at Richards High School parking lot 10601 S. Central, Oak Lawn at 8:30 am.  We will use the Stars Repeater:  VHF 146.640- PL107.2

Annual Ham Cruise

Save these dates and plan to join us on a fun and relaxing cruise aboard the SS Badger: September 23 & 24
The SS Badger is registered Historic Landmark and the only coal fired ship in the US.

We have full permission to install antennas on the top deck and install our radio gear on the deck below.  Imagine a ham station on the water with a perfect ground (a steel ship!) and no local noise (we are in the middle of Lake Michigan!)  Enjoy a place where you will have no cell phone coverage – bring your radios and antennas or a good book. 

Most of us take a round trip, but of course, you could ferry your car with you and continue your adventure in Michigan. 

 Adult round trip is $99.  Stateroom w/overnight accommodations additional $75 (includes breakfast Sunday morning)
We board the steam ship Badger at 2pm CDT in Manitowok, Wisconsin and arrive in Ludington, Michigan four hours later at 7pm EDT.
The return trip departs at 9 am.

Call 800/841-4243 for reservations; ask for the “Ham Radio Cruise” special preferred pricing
There is plenty of free parking.

 Thanks to Pete, K9OWQ for putting the trip together

Get your Hamfesters shirts
We have polo shirts ($35) and T-shirts ($25) – your choice.
Hamfesters logo is embroidered, not stamped.
(color is Navy blue – camera altered the color)

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Thanks to Cindy, N9CAS, for making this happen.

Hamfester of the Year !

Congratulations to Jimmy Liston, N9HSH (sk)

President’s Award! 

Congratulations to Granville Phillips, W9PNG !

New web page: the list of ham kits from June HamGab is now online with clickable links!