Ham Radio Operator Credo


I will learn to Listen – and Listen to Learn

  • I must remember that hearing is a gift, while listening is learned.
  • I will always rank listening as paramount in all I do in Amateur Radio.
  • I will always abide by the “TLS” rule: Think, Listen, Speak.
  • I will develop and depend on my natural listening abilities.
  • I will listen in order to learn correct procedure and protocol.
  • I will take notice of the topic and protocol before jumping into a net.
  • I will always remember: the bands are never dead for the expert listener.

I Will Master Protocol and Procedure

  • Mastering on-the-air the protocol will take precedent over equipment operation.
  • Prosigns, Q signals, phonetics and abbreviations will be my second language.
  • I will learn the basics of traffic handling, net operation, and emergencies.
  • I will learn the proper operation of my radio gear and take measures to insure a clean signal.

I Will Respect Mother Nature’s Role

  • I will study the pivotal roles the ionosphere and propagation play in radio.
  • I will learn how weather, time of day, location, time of year affects radio
  • I will learn the meanings of bandwidth, beamwidth, ground effect, aurora, scatter,
    ducting, skip, MUF, RFI, solar flux, and E-layers.

I Will Appreciate My Ability to Compromise

  • I hold that compromise and resourcefulness are Ham traditions.
  • I will remember that “making-do” can often be the easiest route to
  • I will always remember that being on the air is the true spirit of Hamming.

I Will Share What I Learn

  • I will commit to self-study of Amateur Radio – from technology to protocol.
  • I will openly share the knowledge I gain with anyone who is interested.

These things I hold to be true for all radio amateurs – now and in the future

– “A Grateful Operator” via WorldRadio News.

From Hamfesters
Radio Club, Chicago. [www.hamfesters.org]