Club Information / Dues


P.O. Box 474
Crestwood, Illinois 60445-0474

Established in 1933

One of the nation’s oldest and best

Radio Clubs

We meet monthly on the first Friday of the month

Location is the Crestwood Community Center,
14025 Kostner in Crestwood, Illinois.

Meetings begin at 7:30 PM and last until 9:30 PM

Club Dues

Dues are paid annually and must be paid by December for the next year. Payment by the deadline will insure you are listed in the online “Members Only”  Roster.

Dues are $20.00 for full membership; $10.00 for spouses or other family members living at the same QTH.

Please pay your dues at the Hamfesters meetings in the fall ( October, November ). We prefer you to pay in cash at the fall meetings or you can pay at your convenience by mail or credit card shown below:

Pay Dues Here
Pay by check Pay with credit card / PayPal
Brian Davis, W9HLQ, Membership Chairman
17038 Oconto Ave.
Tinley Park, Illinois 60477-2618
Hamfesters Radio Club
PO Box 474
Crestwood, Illinois 60445-0474

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For NEW members you need to fill out a membership application available at any meeting from Brian, W9HLQ, Membership Chairman, or send in one printed from the web page or PDF sown immediately below.  Bring the application along with one year’s dues ($20.00) to the next meeting.  If you prefer, you may mail your application and one year’s dues to Brian, W9HLQ, at the address shown in the box above.

—>  Membership Application in PDF format   suitable for printing

—>  Application on web page. 

Hamfesters Club Constitution

W9AA – Hamfesters Radio Club license


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