Meeting Follow-up Data Files


Follow-up Files and Additional Data for presentations

Adventures with RFI – John Fallows, VE6EY  video review of Noise Cancellers (ANC-4 and MFJ 1026)

–  Preparing a practical “Go-Kit”  – Gregg, AB9MZ, (pdf)

– “Are You Ready?” – Emergency preparedness – 2008   Gregg, AB9MZ, (pdf)

–  My Favorite Software for Ham Radio” Gregg, AB9MZ,  (pdf)

Impressive Weather Photos

Phase Noise Tutorial in HF receivers – Rhode and Schwartz (pdf)
      Part 1      Part 2      Part 3

–  Emergency Communications Driving Increase in Amateur Radio Operators

Are You Ready? Emergency Preparedness   (pdf, 175 pages)

Radio Monitoring, A How to Guide (pdf, 1997/2003,  331 pages)

Navy/Marines Antenna Handbook (pdf, 193 pages)

DMR Amateur Guide (pdf, 23 pages)

New Ham – Making that First Contact: the Conversation Stack (video,  2 ½ minutes)

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Fundamentals   May 5, 2017 meeting (pdf, 22 pages)

RFI-Ham by K9YC     Excellent article on RFI, how to use ferrite chokes, baluns, shielding. Must read for any ham!

DX Engineering Handy Ham Charts and Information – (pdf, 54 pages) Used by permission, DX Engineering

– Hamfesters Membership Application Form (pdf)