Board / Members Meeting Dates


Board of Directors Meeting Dates
For your convenience here is the list of dates for the board meetings for the rest of the year. I am asking all of you to please notify Don, KC9EQQ, at least 24 hours in advance at: 773-426-1936 if you are unable to attend any forthcoming Hamfester board meetings. We have had a couple of close calls with almost not having a quorum at several of last year’s meetings which can seriously affect any major decisions that would require a vote affecting the future of our club.  Your presence and your vote do indeed make a difference in the future of our Hamfesters club and on behalf of all your fellow members of the board and myself we thank you for your participation.

Please remember too that all board meetings, unless special circumstances prevail will be held at the Crestwood Civic Center, 14025 S. Kostner avenue in Crestwood, Illinois and the meeting time is 7:00pm sharp.

Board meeting Schedule 2016 (7:30 pm sharp!)


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Regular Meetings 2016