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Check out the picture galleries on the left column of this page.  Notice also the Vintage Photo Archive.  Click on this to see photos from the early days of Hamfesters and Ham Radio.  Very interesting is where a model T Ford was used as a mobile generator for Field Day.  The transmission and steering wheel was removed and a generator (or as they called it, a dynamo installed!).  Look around and see if you can find those old time Field Day photos.

Notice:  when viewing a gallery you are presented with a page of small thumbnail sized photos.   If you click on a photo, you will see a larger image.  You can navigate forward and backward through the gallery by clicking on the direction arrows at the top of the image or use the left/right arrow keys on your keyboard.  If you choose Slideshow, the photos will be shown in random order automatically.

Hamfesters Of The Year (HOTY) 2017


Congratulations to Ed, WA9EOL

Photos of recent meetings:

098chamfesters meetingmatt, K9MSA hamfester familyJohn and joe visitA typical meeting

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