Ham Gear for Sale/Wanted


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Johnson Viking desk Kilowatt Amplifier – free

This AM/SSB amplifier running a pair of 4-400s in the final is very clean. Present owner is downsizing and can’t keep it. Notice: the accompanying Ranger driver is not included.

Contact: Larry Gardner, K9JLK  in Kempton, IL.  815/253-6485

Antennas for sale
UHF beam by KLM 27 element with balun model 440-27 (used) $50
CushCraft 2 meter 4 element broadband model 124WB boomer (like new) $40
CushCraft 2 meter 10 element twist beam model A144-20T H & V polarization (used) $50
CushCraft UHF 5 element beam model A449-6S (like new) $45
Finco 5 element 2 meter twist beam model A2+2 H & V polarization (new) $50
Finco 3 element 6 meter beam model A6-3 (used) $30
AEA 2 meter Isopole 2 skirt cone vertical (new in box) $40

Antron A99 10 meter vertical, 2 available (used) $35 each

Coax for sale
Andrew 1/2 hard line LDF4-50A, 135ft & 60ft runs with male N connectors (new) $160 & $80
73, Peter WB9W


Hamfesters Ham Jackets

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